About Us

Serving those who serve others


Biomed Support Services acts as the bridge between those who manufacture medical products and those who maintain them. Because we recognize that the quality of our services directly affects how well these products are understood and the implications of patient safety, we are committed to excellence in performance and the highest standards of ethical behavior. Our underlying goal is to support biomeds in ways that build confidence and improve job performance.


Doing what we love in service to those who love what we do. That is the underlying premise that led to the formation of Biomed Support Services, LLC. We are passionate about helping biomeds, because we want to serve alongside those who unselfishly help so many others. Through our services we hope to improve an individual’s knowledge and self-confidence, which ultimately improves his/her value to the hospital and to positive patient outcomes.


Biomed Support Services is in the business of building technical competence in biomedical technicians and clinical engineers. The primary objective is to improve job performance so hospitals can keep their medical equipment reliable, safe and available for use. By maximizing equipment up time, hospitals can extend the useful life of their equipment and reduce the total cost of equipment ownership.

Our services include (but are not limited to) creating simple-as-possible training materials, presenting customized courses, recommending process improvements and performing a variety of technical support functions (calibrations, output verifications, PMs, etc.).

With more than 40 years of designing and developing technical training materials, we are experts at improving job performance. Let us bring you solutions today! Get in touch with us by phone or email for more information



We provide:

  • Low-cost, onsite training
  • Training that facilitates biomeds who work on different shifts
  • Cost savings - No need for biomeds to travel for required training (T&L savings)
  • Highly-visual, self-help student guides
  • Overall: a more proficient biomed, which means fewer factory returns and more equipment availability
    • Less time spent with RMAs
    • Less time on PMs and calibrations
    • Improved ability to troubleshoot


  • Simplifying complex information using graphics, photographs and analogies
  • Designing and developing simple-as-possible training materials using a variety of modalities
  • Process improvement using lean Six Sigma principles and applications
  • Effective instruction that employs Entertrainment™ principles