Course Options & Pricing

Two types of courses: Open & Closed

Open Courses

Each year we schedule 8-10 open courses in preselected cities across the United States. These courses have a fixed curriculum. Biomeds can sign up for one or more days of training during the week-long event. BSS posts the dates and locations of these regional events here.

Fifteen slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Further, for these courses, if hospitals are willing to host an event, the tuition is waived for two of their students. All other biomeds at the hospital are invoiced according to the per-student prices listed below.

Open Course Options & Pricing


Closed Courses

Closed courses are conducted at hospital (onsite) locations. We typically do 10-12 onsite courses each year. For these courses, we work with the biomed department managers to establish a mutually agreeable agenda and timeframe. Since closed courses aren’t published, outsiders generally don’t know about these events.

Hospital biomed managers are responsible for selecting and coordinating the event on their end, which includes picking specific course topics, procuring a training room, providing a list of students and helping with equipment logistics. BSS provides a pre-course worksheet to help with planning.

For the onsite (closed) courses, we offer the following mix of topics to meet the unique needs of our customers. The Principles of Electrosurgery (at varying levels) is also provided as an introduction to any course.

One-day Course Options:

  • LigaSure™ Vessel Sealing Generator or
  • Force EZ™ -C Electrosurgical Generator or
  • Valleylab FT10™ Energy Platform

Two-day Course Options:

  • Force FX™ -C Electrosurgical Generator or
  • ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Three-day Course Options:

  • Force FX™ -C Electrosurgical Generator and ForceTriad™ Energy Platform or
  • Force FX™ -C Electrosurgical Generator and Valleylab FT10™ Energy Platform or
  • ForceTriad™ Energy Platform and Valleylab FT10™ Energy Platform

Four-day Course:

  • Force FX™ -C, ForceTriad™ and Valleylab FT10™ Energy Platform

Five-day Course:

  • Force FX™ -C, Force EZ™ -C, ForceTriad™ and Valleylab FT10™ Energy Platform

Closed Course Pricing

Unlike open courses, the pricing model for a closed course is based on per-course pricing and the price is the same whether you have one or five students in the class. And, instead of paying the T&L for multiple students, you only pay it once because the instructor travels to your facility.

The student materials, tools, test equipment and AV are provided as part of the training. It is the responsibility of the hospital to provide the required generators (type and quantity) for the training. If the generators are not available, Biomed Support Services can provide them, but there is an additional fee of $300/generator/day.

Course DurationCourse PriceInstructor T&LTotal Price
1 Day$3,495*$1,200$4,695
2 Days$4,495*$1,600$6,095
3 Days$5,495$2,000$7,495
4 Days$6,495*$2,400$8,895
5 Days$7,495$2,800$10,295

*  Course prices apply to classes with up to five students. There is a $295/day charge for each additional student.