ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Course introduction and course roadmap

ForceTriad™ familiarization

  • Branding: two different looks
  • Primary attributes
  • Key features & benefits
  • Front and real panel receptacles and connectors
    • Different scan-stand labels
    • Connector orientation placard/silkscreen
    • Front panel layout
    • Adapters
    • Summary of receptacle activation methods
    • Footswitching operations


TriVerse™ pencil use and applications

Autobipolar setup and settings

Touchscreen displays

  • POST sequence
  • User interface
  • Brightness intensity button
  • Menu structure

ForceTriad™ Main Menu Service options

  • Activation
  • Service
    • Diagnostic
    • Maintenance
    • Statistics
    • Configuration
  • Restore
  • Setup
  • Enter Demo

Valleylab™ Exchange Software Upgrade System

  • System requirements
  • Accessing the Valleylab™ Exchange Software
    • Loading the agent software
  • Software upgrade process
    • Physical connections
    • Initiating the upgrade software
  • Resolving communication issues
  • USB-to-serial driver
  • Connection utility (server and generator tests)
  • Precautions
  • Getting technical support help

Theory of operation

  • Block diagram discussion

Complete ForceTriad™ teardown

  • Many different configurations
  • PCBA familiarization
  • AC/DC power distribution
  • Teardown and re-assembly precautions

Required tools and test equipment

  • Analyzer & accessory recommendations with rationale
  • Unique calibration kit items
  • Instructions for building your own cables and test items

Calibration procedure

  • Nine calibration steps
  • Important
    • Make sure you have everything needed before calibration
    • LC filter tuning
    • Pressing and holding arrows
    • Autobipolar and REM calibration
  • Use of student guide color coding

Service Manual output checks

PM/Service depot checks

  • PM frequency – yearly
  • Worksheet

Typical error messages and possible resolution

Troubleshooting tips techniques

Biomed Connect™ materials

  • Service & User manuals
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Warranty program

Support from Biomed Support Services

Fault isolation lab (inserted faults)

Review supplemental reference materials

Review Quiz